Life Safety Solutions

Turn to IPEC for an unsurpassed level of protection. We can design, install, integrate, monitor and maintain all of your fire and life safety management systems.

Fire, accidents, natural disasters - trouble can strike at any time, with devastating impact on your people and your business. But it doesn't have to be that way. IPEC Fire and Life Safety Solutions can help you to minimise risk, prevent loss of property and ensure a safer environment for everyone - your people and the public alike.

Whether you oversee the safety and protection of a hospital or industrial facility from a single PC, or monitor a large, globally-integrated network for commercial or government facilities, our versatile Fire and Life Safety Solutions are scalable to virtually any size facility and system configuration.

Fire and Life Safety Solutions include:

  • Fire Detection & Alarm - IPEC technologies are uniquely compatible with legacy building systems, so there's no need for costly and time-consuming rewiring at installation. we offers smoke detectors precise enough for high-sensitivity and harsh environments.
  • Smoke Management Solutions - By integrating smoke sensors with your building's ventilation and automated controls, IPEC can help you contain the spread of smoke, protecting your people and the public and minimising significant water damage from sprinklers.
  • Smoke Curtains: IPEC Smoke Control Curtains prevent the spread of smoke and fumes within a burning building, protecting people from the dangerous effects of smoke inhalation and keeping escape routes clear.Smoke curtains are designed as barriers to contain and/or to channel away smoke, heat and superheated gases as a vital part of a SHEVS (smoke, heat, exhaust, ventilation system). Smoke Curtains are designed to activate upon receipt of a signal from either a fire alarm system, or locally postioned detector. IPEC smoke curtains can be supplied as a stand-alone package with its own inbuilt control system or can be fully integrated with an existing fire and smoke control system.