Our Mission

We strive to become the preferred provider of integrated security solutions in the markets we serve and a valued full service partner to the customers we support.

We will:

  • Listen to and understand the needs of our customers and act as a trusted advisor and technology partner.
  • Be flexible in the products we recommend and understand that our customer's specific business requirements and desired results are the centre of the solution.
  • Maintain a trained, educated and technically experienced workforce.
  • Maintain manufacturer relationships that keep us at the forefront of technology and innovation.
  • Commit to providing the highest quality of support and expert resources to manage and protect your system throughout its lifecycle.

Our Vision

"To become the world leader in the fire and security industry and one of the preferred & Trusted
solution provider, when it comes to safety and security"

Quality Policy

At IPEC, we believe that quality enhancement is a continuous process and all our processes right from design to commissioning conform to this Central Value. We as a company have a conviction that the best of design, material & workmanship accompanied by a time tested system will result in a value for money product and thus a satisfied customer.